Marconi Express, People Mover, Bologna (Italy)



The People Mover monorail designed for Bologna city is a transport system offering innovative solutions in terms of technology, traffic regulation and architectural features.With a total length of 5084 meters, the infrastructure is made up by a monorail, two terminals – one at the airport and one at the train station – and an intermediate stop in the Lazzaretto district of the city. The stop includes a depot-workshop, as well as a centralized control station.

The design of the entire project has been conceived in order to respect the features of all the areas it will connect, both the urban fabric and the rural farmland surrounding the city.

Alongside the railway tracks, a walkway is planned to serve as a passenger escape hatch in case of emergency. The design becomes a medium used to create a long and environmentally friendly ‘belt’ , through the use of photovoltaic panels and green areas.